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When it comes to taking beautiful unique photographs, a photographer should do everything in their power to achieve the desired result. That’s why there are lots of images of professionals in strange positions – whether it is laying on a muddy field or crouching on the water -, also holding several objects in front of the lenses of the camera. Well, it usually happens when the photographer is trying his best to obtain unique effects for the picture, without the need to edit it later. When a photographer does that, he is always trying to overcome his own abilities, therefore, improving his work.

It is quite common to see a photographer overcoming his limits when photographing a huge and important event, such as weddings, when it is needed for the picture to be unique. However, with the growing popularity of photoshoots – whether it is for an event or just to create a memory album – these practices are becoming even more common, with most professionals relying more on what happens during the actual photoshoot, than the later edition of the picture. Furthermore, the amusement provided for those who watch and participate in the photoshoot is able to give the photographer a sense of freedom. In other words, the professional will feel burdenless, thus will create more spontaneous photos.

During the first months of work, the photographer learns that their job requires a special attention to details. For example, if the photographer is hired for a photo shoot of a baby, he will need to create a scenario that can attract the attention of the infant and, at the same time, be beautiful enough for the picture. Then, after that, he will need to have the needed attention to capture spontaneous images of the baby, because they do not have the capacity to pose for a photo. In other words, the professional needs to make the best out of the moments presented to them and photograph every little detail, that way they will be able to get beautiful pictures as result.

To acquire the intended effects, the photographer may choose to use programs of photo editing or they can modify the ambient for it to fit his needs. The last option is becoming quite common because, as previously mentioned, there are videos of professionals working with the scenario, once it is more practical than editing each and every photo to add the desired effect. Furthermore, lots of photographers enjoy playing with the composition of what is presented to them, thus creating unique effects that, along with the camera’s settings, will create different pictures that may or may not convey a magical feeling. Therefore, the professional may use their team to improvise props with common objects such as sticks, lights, curtains, etc.

Another powerful and vastly known trick is the use of the perspective, in other words, the photographer uses their camera in a different angle and, with the help of lighting and props, will create an image which will portray a scenario that differs from what it really is. This trick is the most commonly used one, its popularity is so big that it is mostly used to deceive people into believing the veracity of the picture.  For example, when tourists take photographs in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, they usually pose as if they are holding the tower, when, actually, they are nearer to the camera’s lenses while the Tower is far away.

The photography career is extremely popular these days, therefore, some tricks are known not only by the professionals but also by ordinary people. However, while some enthusiasts risk themselves taking beautiful pictures and then retouching them in photo editing programs, only a real photographer knows the hard work behind each and every photograph, because, when it comes to getting high-quality photos, a photographer will not restrain himself. For more advice on getting into a career in photography, contact Adrian Harrison Photography.





The wedding season is on its rise! As fun as the wedding might sound, the wedding photo booths help in adding more excitement and thrill amongst the wedding guests. The trend of including wedding photography booths at the wedding is not going away any soon. Thus, as a wedding photographer hertfordshire, you can make the most of it by installing your wedding photo booth at a wedding and making maximum profit out of the same.

The attractive wedding photo booths offer the chance for the newly-wedded couple as the well as the wedding guests to capture some of the memorable moments at the wedding. Moreover, wedding photo booths also offer instant gratification as the guests can get pictures instantly and take them away home as souvenirs. As a Essex wedding photographer, you can also share the images right away on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others upon request by the wedded couple or the invitees.

When executed well, the photo booths at the weddings can be the talk of the event. If you wish to include a wedding photography booth at a wedding, here are some pointers to look out for:

  • Select a Proper Studio Style Photo Booth: In contrast to the usual box-styled photo booths, the studio-styled booths are becoming more popular in the recent times. The studio-styled booths are able to imitate the overall setting of photo studios and allow more natural lighting to enhance the quality of the images. The studio style booths are known to create some of the best-quality images offering a better backdrop in comparison to the box-styled booths. Therefore, if you wish to make the most of your wedding photo booth, it is recommended that you install a studio-styled photo booth.


  • Ensure Ideal Positioning: The position of your wedding booth at the wedding also matters a lot. It is suggested that you should position your booth right in the middle of the action. If you have set it up away from the main action happening around in the wedding, you will not receive great pictures. Therefore, make it visible to the guests by placing it ideally near the entrance or around the eating area wherein guests can notice the booth easily.


  • Focus on the Backdrop: The backdrop can play a vital role in determining the quality of the photographs that you take in a wedding. The backdrop should complement the overall theme of the wedding or even its color palette. You can also go for a customized backdrop by asking the couple to make it more happening for the wedding guests. You can make use of classic backdrops like blackboards, wooden background, glass background or even shimmering curtains. A beautiful backdrop that matches the theme of the wedding will surely draw more people to your wedding photo booth.


Make the most of your wedding photo booth by using these tips effectively!

Your wedding day is an event which happens hopefully only once during your life and is a joyous day as you marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Therefore, you should waste no expense when it comes to the wedding dress (or prom dresses in many cases) nor the wedding car you drive to and from your wedding in. We’re taking a look at some of the best luxury vehicles available for you so that you can turn up to your wedding day in style and elegance, in your dream wedding car! We took our inspiration from a supplier called Car Seekers who offer wedding car hire in Fife.

Lamborghini Huracán Spyder

This model from Lamborghini is an elegant and luxurious car and boasts many features which would make it a good choice for your wedding day. Boasting a V10 engine capability, the Spyder has a luxurious interior and is a streamlined and sleek vehicle that could be used to drive you to the church for your wedding day, boasting sophistication from start to finish.

Bentley Flying Spur S

Up next on our list of vehicles which would be great to drive on your wedding day is this luxurious model from Betley. Being much more streamlined than its Rolls Royce Counterpart, the Bentley has quilted leather inside the car for nothing but the very best in comfort and luxury. Depending on the model you get, you can have a vehicle which is commanding a very impressive 626 or 521 brake horsepower for your needs. In either instance, you know that you’ll be going to the wedding in the style and a car which will have your guests stopping to take photos.

Aston Martin Vantage GTS

Nothing screams elegance and style quite like an Aston Martin. It’s been a car equated with calm and composed for years, made famous by James Bond and lovingly upgraded and improved over the years. This model, the Vantage GTS, has a V8 engine, and there are only 100 standard stick models available in the world. Being able to get up to 60 miles an hour in 4.6 seconds, and looking pretty good doing it, the Aston Martin will always be the car to have when you want to look effortlessly luxurious and still have a beautiful model available to you.


Not all cars need to be more expensive than a house, and this BMW model proves it. Providing so much value for what is a relatively cheap car, this is luxurious but not pretentious. It has a tight and compact body which just screams ‘drive me’, and it has a sleek and cutting edge design to make it well worth what you’d pay for it. How about actually driving and owning one of these cars? You can win a car at Purple Prizes for a fraction of the actual cost of the car!

Overall, these are some of the most luxurious cars that you could be driving to your wedding. These are some of the very best and most beautiful cars available, and there’s nothing quite as good as feeling the ground beneath you zip by as you ride one of these majestic models. Whether you’re going for a BMW or an Aston Martin, you’re always going to look good and arrive at your wedding venue in nothing but style and comfort.